Life Changing Events

I am driving down route 128 outside of Boston in 1977, headed south to RI, to sail with my cousin and his friends for a week.  I'd left my folks house in Acton MA to go on this trip, assured that it would be "good clean fun" as we used to say back in the day. 

I can tell you exactly where I was on route 128 south, when I telepathically heard my maternal grandfather say to me, "Don't worry about me, I am fine."  It was his voice, perfectly clear and calm, as if he were sitting in the seat beside me.  I responded to his statement, in my head saying back to him, "I am not worried about you."  Because I was not!  I sailed for the week and returned home to be informed that he had died - before I left on the boat!  My family had been debating calling me home for his funeral!  

I didn't tell my family that Grampa had spoken to me on that drive south.  They were the ones who informed me, why he had spoken to me!  He was perfectly aware of my family's discussion to call me home for his funeral and didn't see the point.  As he put it, "he was fine!"  He was on dead, yet was still able to see and hear what was going on with his family; as well as to share his thoughts and his message with me!  This is the absolute truth and I mean it in multiple ways.  He spoke to me.  So, there must be an afterlife of some sort! 

Here I was, all of twenty-five years old, getting a message from a loved one from the afterlife.  What the heck was I supposed to do with this information?  I didn't for a second believe that anyone I knew was going to believe that this had really happened!  I am not crazy.  So, I back burner-ed it.   There was no way for me to prove it happened.  In fact, this kind of discussion might land someone, like me, in the whacky ward! 

Be assured that I heard his voice loud and clear.  It felt incredibly normal, like we were having a simple conversation.  There was no panic, angst, fear, nothing but a very, brief, warm, casual, and instructive conversation. 

After this conversation, I began to research if this happened to other people?  I'd no idea where to even begin to search for this type of information or if there was any information on this sort of thing!  It was the 70's and there wasn't an internet.  The internet wasn't even a viable entity until the 1990's.  I had read a couple books on Buddhism in college and was fascinated by the discussions on energy and communication.  But I had to wait a good while for information to become available on life-after death!  It really wasn't until the 2,000's before I found any discussions on this sort of thing.  

I found the work of Bill and Judy Guggenheim.  Who began talking with people in 1988, who have had an ADC experience.  They collated data from firsthand accounts up through 1995.  They defined "An After-Death Communication (ADC) as a spiritual experience, which occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices of any kind. They estimated that as many as 60-120 million Americans - 20-40% of the population of the United States - have had one or more ADC experiences." Concluding that, "ADC provides convincing new evidence for life-after-death."  

In 200o, John Edward, the Psychic Medium from Long Island NY, began a TV show called "Crossing Over".  John is  able to receive messages from deceased individuals, who wish to share information with their surviving relatives and  loved ones!  Many people think this is trickery which has been planned before the show, to dazzle an audience.  I've followed John since seeing his shows back in 2,000.  John is the real thing and I suggest you go to one of his events or join his online prescence, if you wish to understand further.  If you attend an event, I hope he reads you and shares information from your relatives, because it will change your life.  He read a friend of mine at an event we attended a few years back.  Her knees were practically knocking when he was done with her reading.  Not to mention, she was so shocked by what she was told, she didn't remember everything he said.  We sat for quite a while after his reading, discussing the intricacies of what he'd shared.  He spoke about very private matters, that I had never known she'd experienced, where she comfirmed more details on what he said, which was amazing!   

There are other mediums like John, such as James Van Praagh, John Holland, Tyler Henry, Jamie Butler, Matt Fraser and many folks from all around the world who have these gifts.  You can find some of them at, and the to name just a couple platforms.  This doesn't mean there aren't tricksters out there!  I am sure there are.  But there are masters, teachers and global experts who are very well recognized and often appear publicly.  I've a list of names, books, websites, and readings that you can use to find some of the respected masters on this website.  There are not only mediums listed there but others who have expanded their skills and knowledge sharing incredible intelligence on the matters of existence beyond death, on eternal life, and data on how many lives we live and the reasons for having so many lives. 

The more I read, the more I found people with different skills and expertise.  Including how to expand your thinking so you too can see signs, get insights, and expand your natural intuition. 


My second experience with the dead speaking to me.

On June 20th 2012, my nephew Chris's married his longtime girlfriend Kerstin on a beach in southern Maine.  Mom had passed in November of 2008.  But on the day of Chris's wedding, I thought to myself how much mom would have loved to be here and knew she would be, if she could be.  So, I started looking for signs that she might be around.  I'd learned much about after-life experiences by this time.  The dead can observe us, attend special events, even though we can't see them.  So I'm looking for signs from Mom.  She could find a four-leaf clover in a patch of grass as she simply strolled through it.  So, I think maybe she can show me a four-leaf clover, to prove she's there. I searched the ground for this sign for some time.  Eventually, thinking, "how dare you challenge your deceased mother to show you a sign that she is here!  How completely arrogant it was of me to ask for her to show her presence." 

As I said these words in my head, I heard "Janet here!"  I knew exactly who this was.  It was her exact voice, clear as day.  Janet had passed in a motorcycle accident perhaps three or four years prior to this wedding.  She was a passenger on the back of the bike when it went down, dying at the scene.  The driver was tried and convicted of her death, much to the relief of her friends and family, who felt some sort of solace in his multi-year imprisonment. 

So, let me share with you how absolutely human my response to this moment was.  Hearing her voice, I replied, telepathically as she had with me, saying "what are you doing here, I am looking for my mother!"  I am not kidding!  I did this!!!  Her reply was, "It was all my fault."  (Meaning the bike accident was all her fault)  My mind started running "well you know how things can be in....and she interrupted me saying... louder, clearer and without hesitation... "IT WAS - all my fault."  Ok now, I am arguing with a dead person!  That took me back a bit.  I acquiesce to her point, quite quickly then.  I knew this was something deeply important to Janet for her to share this from the other side.  I felt obligated to pass on her message with the people that I believed she wanted to know this, here in this world.  I called our closest mutual friend blathering and trembling trying to explain what had happened.  Hey, it's one thing to expereince it, it is a whole other thing to open up and tell people about it.  

Our mutual friend asked me to write a letter to the driver who was in prison, explaining what she had told me.  I wrote this letter, trying not to sound totally crazy, which she did share with him.  His response was "it's time to let it go".  For sure, there was nothing I could do to change his circumstances.  My evidence would not be admissible in any court for sure.  But he never denied what she told me.  I'm not sure our mutual friend was ever truly convinced of Janet's message.  But I am convinced, the driver knew the truth about what happened that night. 


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