We are the Creators of our world. Although, we might not believe this, we truly are our life's creator. How we act, behave, and respond to events and circumstances, creates how those around you, react, behave, and respond to you.

If you are not crazy about the world around you, the only way to change it, is to change your thinking, which will change your reactions. This is not an easy task, or quickly done, unless you experience a significant life changing event. Such a thing can profoundly change the way you think and behave. Even impacting what you once believed but can no longer exist.

You do not need to have a life changing event, in order to change your thinking and beliefs. But little will change in your life, unless you look at life differently than you have perceived to date.

For most of us, changing our thoughts, beliefs, or understanding of one's life, may happen slowly over time, which is simply fine too. When you understand a past experience form a different perspective, you may find that your feelings are now completely different than wht you felt before. This is called evolving.

Some of the changes I made were from profound events, others slowly changed as a grew older and more experienced.

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